Why Store Movie Collections In A DVD Holder?

Large DVD collections are expensive and need to be protected from scratches, dust and exposure to the sun and other elements that may damage them. A DVD holder can help keep movies protected from damage due to exposure to these elements. Owners of large movie collections will appreciate holders for many other reasons as well.

Though DVD videos have a greater shelf life than movies stored on other types of media, such as old VHS cassettes, the discs are still vulnerable to exposure from the elements. Long-term Exposure to heat and sunlight can cause the coating that protects the data on discs to discolor, bubble and peel off. This alone is enough to make most discs unplayable. Some liquids, such as soda, can leave behind a sticky residue as the fluid evaporates. Spills that go unnoticed can cause discs to stick to surfaces or each other if stored in stacks. Damage can be caused when the owner attempts to move discs that are in this condition. A sticky residue on discs can also attract bacteria that eat at the surface of discs or acids in the residue may have similar effects. There are many other ways discs may be damaged due to exposure. Discs made on a DVD burner at home are even more vulnerable to environmental damage due to the way the data is recorded. Storage devices for DVDs, such as a DVD stand, will help keep discs protected from these elements.

In addition to protecting discs from the elements, DVD holders also make it easier to keep a video collection organized. Owners with large collections may know they have a copy of a certain movie but may not be able to find it due to poor organization of their video collection. With a DVD stand, discs can be stored in whichever way seems most logical to the owner.

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